More than 90% of humanity is not relevant anymore

No amount of ‘moderation’ can hide the truth.

People have to see a spade as a spade.

Sweet-talking and changing the focus won’t cut it.

It is getting clear that the richest, most smart and most advanced top 1% – 5% of humanity wants a clean, permanent break from the rest of population, once for all.

Consumer economy is only a small portion of the general economy, which is mostly B2B nowdays. Companies will consume – individual consumption only takes a tiny portion of the total consumption.

So, if 50%, or even 90% of the world’s population disappears, economy will get just 1% – 2% worth of blip.

The world is turning into a crossroad which won’t be pretty for the less wealthy, less talented and less smart. And the worthy do have the power to suppress all resistance.

The future will be full of surveillance. Modern North Korea will be seen as a very liberal country in the future.

The top 1% or so will reach Type I Civilization and will start the space conquest. The rest will live in a condition which will envy what the residents of Elysium’s Earth had.

But that was how the humanity lived for most of its existence so it is just returning back to square one.