The rich and powerful can practically withstand any conflict

It is just wishful thinking of the poor and the disenfranchised that the rich and powerful will suffer like everyone else.

Now technology has developed to such level that the rich and powerful can hide from the hordes of hungry masses, who will never find where they have hid before  dropping dead like flies.

Robots can do the agriculture for them. No need to hire workers who might be inclined to kill their massas.

Solar power and possibly atomic batteries can keep their compounds’ power supply alive forever, for all practical purposes.

The max which could be kept in that way might be around 12 in today’s tech ; but the 12 won’t be in location. It will be in many locations which the poor and the less powerful cannot even imagine.

It might be another Noah’s Ark, which will be defended by a bunch of nuke-powered subs.

Civilization will reach a higher status, but without those who were not lucky to join the ranks of the truly worthy.