Preservation of civilization and all the tech progress is more important than, yes, basically anything else.

If mankind has to part with 7 billion and match the number with what is written at the Georgia Guidestones to maintain the current civilization, it will have to be done.


It is nasty. It is thankless. Whoever doing this will probably be vilified by ungrateful descendants.


However it has to be done.


Nothing is more important than civilization and everything mankind gained in the last 300 years.


Not too many people are likely to contribute to human civilization.


It is very important to identify who will be most likely to contribute to human civilization, with the stars as the final destination.


Humans are within a generation from achieving a technological breakthrough which will be even bigger than , say, printing.


However it could all disappear like morning dew.


Yes it is in a crunch time, not seen since 1527, when the Turks surrounded Vienna to conquer all of Europe. No one remembers the name of Nicholas von Salm, who saved Vienna and Western Civilization.


I am sorry. Quite a lot of us do not contribute anything to human civilization – they will have no place.