Resources will be concentrated to support civilization

It is necessary to change our paradigm.


Not all lives are sacred.


Triage and prioritizing is needed.


Right now, too much resources were wasted to bring civilization to the Third World.


What is that? For what avail?

It would have been better if nothing other than enough facilities to ship out material were built there.


Instead, billions of people want to have the ‘good life’, and quite a lot of them moved to the advanced world to plague it.


We will have to think about whether it is worthwhile to continue to feed them since they are not useful for anything.


Today’s world is such that only the smartest have a shot of making a living; average is over.


Most of the Third World, whether you like or not, are too stupid to survive the cutthroat world of capitalism.



It is the best to let nature take its course.

Preservation of civilization and all the tech progress is more important than, yes, basically anything else.

If mankind has to part with 7 billion and match the number with what is written at the Georgia Guidestones to maintain the current civilization, it will have to be done.


It is nasty. It is thankless. Whoever doing this will probably be vilified by ungrateful descendants.


However it has to be done.


Nothing is more important than civilization and everything mankind gained in the last 300 years.


Not too many people are likely to contribute to human civilization.


It is very important to identify who will be most likely to contribute to human civilization, with the stars as the final destination.


Humans are within a generation from achieving a technological breakthrough which will be even bigger than , say, printing.


However it could all disappear like morning dew.


Yes it is in a crunch time, not seen since 1527, when the Turks surrounded Vienna to conquer all of Europe. No one remembers the name of Nicholas von Salm, who saved Vienna and Western Civilization.


I am sorry. Quite a lot of us do not contribute anything to human civilization – they will have no place.

The rich and powerful can practically withstand any conflict

It is just wishful thinking of the poor and the disenfranchised that the rich and powerful will suffer like everyone else.

Now technology has developed to such level that the rich and powerful can hide from the hordes of hungry masses, who will never find where they have hid beforeĀ  dropping dead like flies.

Robots can do the agriculture for them. No need to hire workers who might be inclined to kill their massas.

Solar power and possibly atomic batteries can keep their compounds’ power supply alive forever, for all practical purposes.

The max which could be kept in that way might be around 12 in today’s tech ; but the 12 won’t be in location. It will be in many locations which the poor and the less powerful cannot even imagine.

It might be another Noah’s Ark, which will be defended by a bunch of nuke-powered subs.

Civilization will reach a higher status, but without those who were not lucky to join the ranks of the truly worthy.

More than 90% of humanity is not relevant anymore

No amount of ‘moderation’ can hide the truth.

People have to see a spade as a spade.

Sweet-talking and changing the focus won’t cut it.

It is getting clear that the richest, most smart and most advanced top 1% – 5% of humanity wants a clean, permanent break from the rest of population, once for all.

Consumer economy is only a small portion of the general economy, which is mostly B2B nowdays. Companies will consume – individual consumption only takes a tiny portion of the total consumption.

So, if 50%, or even 90% of the world’s population disappears, economy will get just 1% – 2% worth of blip.

The world is turning into a crossroad which won’t be pretty for the less wealthy, less talented and less smart. And the worthy do have the power to suppress all resistance.

The future will be full of surveillance. Modern North Korea will be seen as a very liberal country in the future.

The top 1% or so will reach Type I Civilization and will start the space conquest. The rest will live in a condition which will envy what the residents of Elysium’s Earth had.

But that was how the humanity lived for most of its existence so it is just returning back to square one.

A real case of inertia

Many people think changes can come very quickly.

Sorry, any changes can be overturned almost overnight by a few reactionaries.

People are not really interested in change. They are used to some way of life and they want to keep it.

For example, the Korean style of Pop, Kpop, was very popular around the world 2007 – 2013.

Psy’s Gangnam Style was just an offshoot, a stray hit. The mainstream of KPop was group dancing.

On 2010, there were more than 20 major groups and more than 120 group members in KPop which completely covered everything.

Except for one single high-school girl who was not into KPop but was singing a different type of music which was somewhat like ballads of the 1980s.

Well, lo and behold, she released a hit number on 9th December 2010.

All the people who were listening to music before 2007 quickly abandoned KPop and flocked to support her.

All the thing KPop built for all these years were lost within 3 weeks, and that girl, IU, was catapulted to the top of Kpop by the end of the year, or within 22 days of the hit’s release.

A bunch of things happened in the next few years but IU beat all the KPop groups and sent them to obscurity, and Korean Pop Scene returned to Business As Usual , like 2006.

1 person beating 120+ people.

That is the power of inertia.

Hard work is no longer important in this world

Only those who lack the smarts work hard.

Sure, the new recruits to major investment firms work very hard in the first couple of years.

If they survive, they don’t really have to work hard for the rest of their lives.

Smart people just work when they feel like. They create the machine which will make them money for the rest of their lives and much beyond so there is no need to work hard.

I personally have never really worked hard in my entire life. I just worked enough to not get fired.

People get fired even if they work very hard. For whatever reasons. Smart people find a balance of working and following own interest. How is it done? I don’t know your work environment. Smart people can figure it out on their own.

Work hard and play hard does not work in today’s world.

Work just as much as you need, and play hard.

Sorry, the world has no need for the bottom 90%.

The only thing which is important is that 95% of the world’s wealth is owned by less than 2% of the whole population, and the 1% owns more than 70% of the world.

If your IQ is not in the top 90%, better try to be good at soccer or singing. That’s the only way to propagate your genes in this world.

The world is going to enter Type I civ soon, but without most of the ‘extra mouth’.